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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars are such an indispensable part of modern life. It’s no surprise that we take them for granted - until there’s an accident. With luck, it’s just a fender-bender, involving a lot of inconvenience and a modest financial loss. Many, though, are more serious, leading to severe injury, permanent disability, or death. Few people think about the consequences of a serious car accident until it’s already happened. A car accident can cause:

•  Bodily injury

•  Pain and Suffering

•  Emotional distress

•  Loss wages

•  Medial expenses

•  Property damage

•  Wrongful death

Because few people are prepared to deal with the issues of a car accident, an experienced attorney can be an invaluable asset, helping with the emotional and financial burden borne by the Victim.

Without the help of a lawyer, many car accident victims settle for much less than which they are entitled. Insurance companies are anxious to settle claims quickly and for as little money as possible. Victims usually don’t foresee the total cost of recovering from a serious car accident. An experienced attorney will take the extra steps needed to receive full compensation. Some of these include:

•  Documenting liability by interviewing witnesses and preserving evidence

•  Ensuring the victim receives proper medical care

•  Ensuring full compensation by properly documenting injuries

•  Helping the victim understand the law, including statutes of limitations.

In most cases, only an experienced car accident lawyer is willing and able to provide all these essential services. Before speaking to an insurance company adjuster, call the law offices of CARRINGTON LAW OFFICES, P.C. for a free consultation and case evaluation.


When a car accident happens, vital information needs to be gathered immediately, to help our attorneys protect your rights. Anyone involved in a car accident who is physically able should get the following information before leaving the scene:

•  Driver names, addresses, and drivers’ license numbers

•  Passenger names and addresses

•  Witness names, addresses, and telephone numbers

•  Insurance company names and policy numbers

•  Exact location of the accident

•  Detailed account of how the accident happened

•  Injuries* Damages to vehicles (take photos if possible)

•  Wait for police officer to arrive before leaving the scene.

•  Determine whether or not anyone admitted fault

The last item can be of extreme value to your attorney in building a strong case. The victim should never admit guilt. Too often, victims weaken their cases at the scene of an accident by admitting guilt. In the stressful moments immediately following a car accident, a victim may not have clear recollection of what really happened and the extenuating circumstances that may have been involved. As experienced car accident attorneys, CARRINGTON LAW OFFICES, P.C. can help you put the accident scene in perspective and protect you from unnecessary liability.

There is no way to completely protect yourself against car accidents, but the lawyers at CARRINGTON LAW OFFICES, P.C. can protect your rights when an accident occurs. We really do tip the scales of justice for you.